Why I love Animals Shows!


Animals Shows
Animals are my favorite. They are elegant creatures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are wild are will never be domesticated, such as the Rhino. Others are meant for homes and have been around for quite some time, like the domestic dog or cat. Other pets are a mix of domestic and wild, such as many birds. The only issue with all these different kinds of pets is the fact that I’ll never be able to own them all! The only way to get a real experience with a pet that you can’t own is through an animal show. I watch my┬áCable TV Specials and I enjoy every second of animal goodness that is on TV.

These shows showcase animals from across the planet. My personal favorite show is known as Dogs 101. In Dogs 101, which can be viewed on the Animal Planet channel every type of domesticated dog is showcased throughout episodes. Obviously they can’t fit all in the same episode, so only about 5 are put on TV at a time. They have done Labradors, Golden Retreivers and almost any other dog on the market today. There is also a show known as Cats 101 that is great for cat lovers everywhere. It’s identical to Dogs 101 except for the fact that they showcase cats rather than dogs.

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