Top 3 Tips on How to Bond With Your Dog

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Summary: Creating a deep bond with your dog has numerous benefits including: better behavior, decreased aggression, and a camaraderie that no one can take away from the both of you.

By creating a deep bond with your dog, you’re not only strengthening your friendship with one another, but you’re also tuning in to their emotions. As you already know, dogs can become one’s confidant, therapist, and even a member of one’s family. These are what drive owners to connect with them on a deeper, and more meaningful, level. Here are some tips on how you can become closer to your faithful companion.


Now, before you go and snatch one of those beautiful blue nose pitbull puppies for sale, be sure that you’re ready to take on the commitment. Dogs require proper training to ensure that they remain docile and friendly to others. Training your dog goes far beyond simply impressing your friends with tricks. It builds a strong bond of trust between you and your pup. When your dog understands the commands you give him, he’ll see that he’s pleased you, and would want to continue feeding off that positive motion. Try training every day and see if you and your dog’s connection grows deeper.

Feeding Your Dog by Hand

While it may sound silly, feeding your dog by hand reduces food aggression and also teaches respectful meal time behavior. On a deeper level, it shows your dog that you’re his caretaker and provider. Now, there are numerous benefits to feeding your dog by hand, including slowing down the fast eaters and improving socializing, but most importantly, it build a sense of trust.

Nature Walks

Going on a walk around the park might be something that’s convenient, if you live close to a park of course. But, taking him out on a hike or a nature walk will help you learn about on another. You’ll be able to set boundaries for him and show him that you can lead him in exploring the world together. Through this, your dog will also show you his likes, dislikes, and true personality. Keep an eye out and observe what he gets distracted by, what he avoids, and where he wants to go. These are all indicators of who your dog is. Experts such as Iron King Kennels, believe that getting to know one another while exploring new experiences will help develop a deep connection between you and him. Consider it like a bonding experience between you and a good friend of yours. Over time, you’ll know what he or she likes, doesn’t like, and all of the factors that play into his or her personality.

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