How to Effectively Train Your Pitbull Puppy Not to Bite

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Pitbulls develop their aggressive reputation from neglect, lack of proper training, and environmental factors. Teach them proper household manners to keep prevent them from being troublesome.

pitbull-puppy-green-carpetPitbull puppies develop their tendencies at a young age. While it may seem playful at the time, their nips can turn particularly painful as they get older. American pitbulls have a naturally strong jaw and it’s crucial that you train them not to bite at an early age. This guide will show you how you can achieve this to ensure that your pup won’t develop bad habits. And, you’ll be ready to take home one of the many blue nose pitbull puppies for sale at your local shelter or shop.

Belly Up!

The very moment that your pitbull puppy comes inside your home, you should already be teaching him how to behave. Now, pitbulls are known to be extremely dominant, so showcasing your authority (in a positive demeanor) will have a strong impact on how he will respond to you – this is how blue nose pitbull breeders train their young ones. In a pack setting, submissive pitbulls will show their bellies to the alphas of their group. Start by gently picking up your puppy so that his belly is directly facing upward. This essentially shows him that you are in charge. Some other miniscule actions that you can perform in front of your puppy include walking in front of him through doors, keeping him on a leash during walks rather than letting him control the pace, feeding him on a consistent schedule (and making him wait before he chows down), and staying assertive.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Pitbull puppies love to play! However, it’s important that you draw a line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t in your household. If he starts biting during play time, immediately stop so he understands that whenever he bites he won’t get to continue having fun. Remember, pitbulls have a strong jaw, and your “harmless” friend can cause some significant damage if his biting behaviors aren’t tamed. Another tactic that you can try is to yelp and move away when your puppy bites. This mimics the cry of an injured mate, and taking yourself away from the game means no more playtime for him. After what you can call a “timeout”, try playing with him again and repeat the process if he continues to bite. Don’t resort to hitting him on the nose and scolding him violently. This will only encourage him to react out of fear, leading to more erratic behavior in the future. You can also redirect your puppy’s attention with a chew toy. If he’s insistent on biting and nipping, give him a durable chew toy. Don’t purchase a cheaply made product, as your puppy may ingest the worn pieces which may lead to intestinal issues.

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