Top Reasons Why Fleas Can Harm Your Pitbull

Summary: Fleas aren’t just irritating, but they can also pose a massive threat to any dogs’ health.

Pesky fleas are enough to give any pitbull owner a massive headache. Not only are they small and invasive, but they’re rather difficult to get rid of – not to mention the discomfort they bring to your canine companion.

It’s common for pitbulls to develop fleas due to colonization. Whether they’re roaming your backyard or socialize with other dogs (that have fleas), all it takes is that one persistent little bug.

Kick Them Out Before They Colonize

As a pet owner, you’ll need to ensure that you kill these fleas as soon as possible. Blue nose pitbulls that suffer from flea attacks will incur itchiness that leads to a variety of skin problems – not to mention the immense stress it can cause. In the extreme case, the risk of baldness also poses a major threat. If that isn’t enough, fleas also have the potential to infest another parasite to the dog’s body as well, causing major harm and potentially even death.

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Fleas Can Strike You Too

If you’re pitbull unknowingly has a colony of fleas living on him and he interacts with your or your family on a daily basis, it also places the lot of you at risk. Immediate treatment is necessary to rid of all the fleas. The last thing you’ll want is to see your loved one hindered by fleas.

Chemicals Aren’t Always the Solution

Chemicals have been a common form of treatment that provides quick results. However, minimizing the use of chemicals can translate to a much healthier lifestyle. Note that some of the popular dog medication contains harmful substances that can give your pitbull a variety of side effects. Ask your local veterinarian about all your options.

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