What Your New Pitbull Needs to Feel at Home


Written by: Iron King Kennels

Pitbulls are some of the most loving and loyal animals that money can buy, but you need to be a responsible owner to keep these dogs happy and healthy. Blue nose pitbull puppies look beautiful, but they can be a handful if you’re not the type who enjoys an active lifestyle. Here, we’ll walk you through the important information you need to know in order to be the best possible pitbull owner to your new companion.


Check with your pitbull breeder to find which shots and vaccinations your dog has received. Pitbull breeding by a sanctioned breeder usually ensures your dog is vaccinated, but there is always the chance he was too young to receive his shots. If that’s the case, make sure your dog is inoculated as soon as possible.


Color is one of the defining characteristics of any pitbull. If you want your puppy’s coat to shine its brightest, then a healthy diet is important. Make sure you avoid foods that are high in fat, and look for protein as the number one ingredient. Only quality meats should be used, and make sure the fiber content doesn’t peak much higher than 4%. Also, avoid corn gluten or corn meal if you can.


When you buy pitbull terrier puppies for sale from a local (or licensed) breeder, your dog’s only social interaction is with other dogs at that kennel. It’s probable that the breeder also took the puppies for walks and car rides, but pitbulls need social time frequently to stay friendly and loving. Failure to socialize your puppy can make it develop a bad temper, just like any other dog.


If you plan on keeping your dog in the home, obedience training is a must. Some people are blessed with huge backyards, but even they need to have a dog that listens from time to time. Obedience training is important to enforce early on, accompanied by a great deal of positive reinforcement.


Your dog will get fairly large over time, regardless of sex. Males can weigh as much as 80 pounds, and both males and females can grow to 22 inches in height. They are big babies in a lot of ways, but they need love and care to thrive. They can develop cataracts, but proper nutrition and exercise should keep physical ailments to a minimum.

The most important tip is to enjoy your new companion.

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