To Boundary Train Your Dog Use an Electric Dog Fence


Many pet owners use an electric dog fence to boundary train their dogs. If the dogs get too close to the fence they get a low current shock that sends them back onto their own property. This is the best training aide for dogs that are prone to wondering off of the property. How it operates is simple the dog wears a collar that has a transmitter the fence has a receiver. When the two come in contact the dog gets a slight shock. The shock does not get hurt it just deters them from wondering off.

There are two types of electric dog fences one is a fence the other uses receivers that are installed around the property. The fence can either be temporary or permanent depending on how quickly your dog learns.

You can find electric dog fences and other types of electric fences at your local farm supply store. Another type of electric fence is a solar electric fence that uses solar cells that are charged by the sun. If you are looking for an electric fence to use for small animals such as pigs, goats and sheep you can search online under electric fence goat to find a variety of small electric fences. You can also find large electric fences to use for livestock such as cows, horses and other large livestock. The larger fences are used mainly for fields and pastures. If you are a homeowner and having trouble with deer and other animals invading your garden or vegetable patch you can get a portable electric fence to fence off the area to protect it from hungry critters.

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