The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Fences


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There are many options when it comes to selecting a fence for your farm.  Livestock fencing should differ depending on the type of animal that you’re looking to contain.  Electric fences work by creating an electrical circuit when coming into contact with a person or animal.  The charger uses power to create a high voltage shock.

There are some advantages to using an electric fence.  Electric fence installation is a fairly simple process.  Compared to other types of conventional fences, electric fences are typically cheaper and quicker to install.  Another great advantage is that despite what you may think, there is actually a lower risk of injury compared to fences made of woven wire and particularly, barbed wire fences.  Electric fences are characteristically more lightweight than other types of fences because they don’t have to physically restrain animals.

There are also some disadvantages to electric fences.  One issue that can occur with electric fences is that they can become disabled without the owner being aware of it.  When there’s an issue with the conducting wire, the entire fence can stop working.  Power failure and lightning can work to disable an electric fence from working.  Even an overgrowth of plants in the area where the electric fence is placed can lead to the fence being disabled.  Another disadvantage is the risk of injury to people who may not be able to see the wires of the fence.

Electric fencing is a great option for keeping all of your animals safe and secure.

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