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The first thing you should teach your dog is to obey the sit command. Since this is the first thing they learn, it will be also the most important for them. Since he’s so ready to learn, the puppy will absorb the things you’re trying to teach him very fast. You should try to teach him only productive things. At one point you will need to teach the puppy the meaning of the No command. He needs to understand that he’s doing something bad when he hears that command. No should be the only negative word you say to your dog and it should be enough. Use a tone that will let him know that you’re serious about it and in time he will respect the word even if the tone isn’t a serious one.

Experts usually say that you should keep all the distractions away from the place where you train your puppy. Keep the sessions at a maximum of 10 minutes, so he doesn’t get bored.

To teach your puppy how to fetch, sit down, closer to his level and use a toy that he likes. Throw it and encourage him to bring it to you. During the training period keep him in a leash and hold it firmly. The words can differ, but the tone must be the right one. If he gets near the toy, praise him. If he brings it to your, praise him even harder.

In a session of 10 minutes, try to throw the toy and make him retrieve it four time. Once he does that, do the sessions without a leash and give him a treat as a reward (food or a bone). Some sort of treat should be used because when the puppy is young praises don’t mean as much to him as they will when he grows up.

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