Protect Your Home from Pets When You Use Foam Products


Protect-Your-Home-from-Pets-When-You-Use-Foam-ProductsIf you have pets, you know the agony of having to replace your custom cushions over and over. Some of us grow quite attached to our furry little (or sometimes not-so-little) companions, even going so far as to adopt a dog or a cat in lieu of having an actual human child. There’s a reason for that—taking care of a pet can feel just as fulfilling as caring for a small child, with the primary benefit being that a pet doesn’t grow up to give you lip and then turn around and demand you foot the bill for their useless college degree.

But just like kids, animals barf and void their bowels wherever they please, and they never really grow out of that phase. Naturally, you’re going to need to safeguard or replace your furniture on a fairly regular basis. Luckily, foam cushions provide a good option, with low and high-density foam sheets being easily replaceable, even when you have cushions in weird shapes. And when your pet covers a pillow with bodily fluids, leaving it gross but mostly intact, you can easily wash out the foam instead of having to replace the whole cushion.

Sometimes pets even prefer foam over other materials, so keeping chunks your pet’s favorite foam lying around might give them something they enjoy chewing on more than your furniture. If you want your pet to sleep in a certain spot instead of getting hair on the couch, consider getting foam dog beds from Canada.



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