Pet Proofed Floors


Pet Proofed Floors                Everybody loves pets, who doesn’t? Pets have become a very important aspect of our daily lives and they are here to stay for years to come. As most, if not all, pet owners will acknowledge is that sometimes, these pets will make a mess. Either urine or water will be spilled and that can be destructive to hardwood or even bamboo floors.

                Home bamboo flooring, just like any regular hardwood flooring material, will be susceptible to scratching if it’s surface is subjected to intense scratches made by sharp objects, such as craws from that of a dog or a cat. For pet owners, it is strongly advisable that a strand woven bamboo floor is used. Strand woven floors are pulled apart pieces from a bamboo stalk and then woven pr braided together to create an extremely strong material. This is the hardest of all bamboo floor materials and said to be stronger than most floor materials on the market. Most pets will not be able to scratch the finish of a strand woven bamboo floor, and even if they do, more often than not, the scratch can be easily buffed out. Like any other material that is porous and harvested, it is important to read various sources for bamboo flooring information for tips on how to care and prolong your bamboo floor.

                In reality, there really is no such thing as fully ‘pet proof’. There is only proper care and religious maintenance to prolong and protect the classy aesthetic appeal.

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