Pet Accessories You Must Have in 2016

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travel-pet-bed-with-puppyHere are the must-have pet accessories for 2016.

Our dogs are our best friends, it’s no wonder we want to pamper them. If you’re thinking of gifts for the special pet in your life, this guide is full of must-haves from 2016. This year, it’s all about mobility. Keeping your doggy travel ready is the theme of this list.

Life Preservers

Outward hound makes a doggy life preserver that is just one of many in a similar line. Dogs love the outdoors, and it follows they’d love boats too. These vests include a front float assist, which helps to keep your pup’s head above the water line where she can breathe. Vests should fit dogs up to 85 pounds, but you might need to research options for larger animals.

Travel Beds

Nothing is better than bringing your dog with you on a roadtrip. He’ll love sticking his head out the window and feeling the wind, travelling with you, and sleeping with you at night. It’s a good idea to bring custom cushions for the puppy to sleep on, especially if those cushions already have his smell on them.

Before you leave, you can order dog beds from Canada that are made out of memory foam. The high-quality foam won’t degrade much over time, and it’s anti-microbial to protect your puppy from illnesses.

Enzymes and Vitamins

Every growing dog needs vitamins that dry or canned food alone may not provide. Probiotics have also become fairly popular. These microbes help your doggy’s digestive system, so she doesn’t have stomach problems while you’re out and about.

Foam Factory, Inc. is a Southeast Michigan-based manufacturer of foam products, such as bedding and cushions.

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