How to Prepare for the Commitment of Becoming a Pitbull Breeder

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Written by: Iron King Kennels

Learn how you can prepare yourself for the commitment it takes to breed pit bulls.

Jethro2-newBecoming a pitbull breeder isn’t a career choice, it’s a lifelong passion that will influence everything you do from this day forward. It’s a centuries old tradition that represents one of the greatest bonds between a man and his animal. It’s both exciting and challenging, and it’s also expensive and time consuming.

The first step pitbull breeders take is to gain some knowledge about the breed. What are its ideal traits, its demeanor, and what do everyday buyers look for in a pitbull terrier? The American Kennel Club is a good place for amateur breeders to gain some insight into the “ideal” breed of the dog they want to work with. You’ll find videos from dog shows, highlighting the best characteristics among these pets.

Pitbull breeding requires a continued education, so it will remain essential for you to soak up as much knowledge as you possibly can. You should make appearances at dog shows, read any literature you can find at your local library and contribute to the community online. The advantage to travelling to shows is that you meet other breeders, which helps you network a bit and learn how the business actually works.

The final step is to set reasonable goals for yourself, which include improving the breed. The goal of every breeding should be to improve, which requires you to honestly evaluate every dog for its strengths and weaknesses. The key to a successful breeding is finding a mate who counterbalances the flaws of another dog. If you’re missing that critical, objective eye then you should bring it to a show for an honest evaluation.



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