How to Measure and Cut Foam for Your Custom Cushions

General Tips

Purchased the wrong sized foam for your custom cushions? No problem. Your foam can easily be shaped and sized. The supplies that you are going to need for this task include: a tape measure, a yard stick, and a carving knife that must be sharp. Make sure your cutting tool’s blade is larger than the thickness of the foam.

Before you go in and slice up your foam to what size you believe will fit your cushions, accurate measurements must be taken. This means taking your cushions covers, recording the length and width, and tacking on a couple extra centimeters.  Doing this gives the foam more wiggle room inside the cover. If you slice the foam in the exact same measurements as the cushion cover, it’ll have to be forced inside to fit – which will result in the foam ending up in an awkward shape.

After taking the correct measurements, you’re going to want to mark your foam.  This means marking the shape of the foam within its boundary area. Be sure that there are no designs that require your cushions to share a cutting edge. By doing so, you will completely ruin your cushions and be forced to start over.

After marking them, double check for accuracy and whether or not they fall in the cushions boundary area.

Before you begin cutting your foam, be sure that the surface that you are working on is flat and stable. Begin by cutting the foam with your carving knife in a slow sawing motion. The faster you try to cut it, the more it’s going to compress, causing there to be jagged cuts and more room for error. Picture it as fresh bread straight out of the oven. It needs delicate slicing or else it will compress on itself and ruin the shape. It’s all about maintaining complete control of the entire cut.

High density foam sheets for example do not compress easily and because of high quality, are a little more difficult to slice.

After your foam has been cut and smoothed out, it’s ready to be placed inside the cushion cover. If you have properly cut the foam, it should be easily placed inside the cover without too much slack on the ends of each corner. The only thing left that you need to do is take care of the rest of your cushions in the exact same manner.
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