Electric Fences are Economical and Easy to Maintain


Fencing is used for many purposes. In farms they are used to keep unwanted animals out from crops. Especially, deer can do a considerable damage to plants. In farms that raise cattle, chicken, hogs and horses, the fences are important to keep away the harmful animals like coyotes. Also, fences are important in marking boundaries of a land.

There are many kinds of designs of fences and fencing materials in the market. This kind of wide range makes it difficult to make a decision on a fence. Farm Supply Store, located in Georgia, is a good place to start. Originally, the company marketed only the products of Field Guardian brand but when its customer base grew, the company expanded its stock to sell other manufacturers’ products. Farm supply Store’s efficient shipping and customer services have helped build its reputation as a reliable business.

Among many designs of fences, electric fencing is considered the most economical and easy to maintain. The market offers two kinds of wires for fencing; steel and aluminum. For electric fence wire, aluminum is the best kind because it is durable and has a rust resistant quality. Also, aluminum is lightweight and easy to install.

Electric fence works very well when all the components are installed properly. The electricity that runs through the wire can electrify a person or predatory animal if they touch the fence. However, to make the electricity flow properly, the electric fence charger is an important part of an electric fence. There are two kinds of chargers. One is pulsed fence charger and the other is capacitor charger. The charger helps keep the electricity flow smoothly on the fence wire. Chargers come in different strengths, depending on the use of fence. If the fence is used to keep wild animals away, then the charger can be stronger. A low voltage charger is enough to keep domestic animals like cattle and other farm animals in a protected area.

Any kind of fence needs maintenance but properly installed electric fence has the lowest upkeep. However, it is important to check the electricity flow time to time. The best way to do it is by using an electric fence tester. There are many kinds of testers. Some testers only test the voltage. The remote control testers can help turn off the charger remotely. The technology for testers has developed rapidly and these small equipments can detect electricity leaks or any other problems on an electric fence. These testers can do spot checks or the whole length of the fence.


Guest Post provided by Farm Supply Store: Electric fences are considered easy to maintain and economical. But care should be taken to ensure the electricity flow with an electric fence charger which can be bought from Farm Supply Store.

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