Electric Fences 101


There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting the right electric fence.  Electric fences can be a great addition to your farm because not only do they help to keep all of your animals safe and secure, but they also work to keep pests and predators off of your property.

There are various parts that you need for the electric fence to work properly, including an electric fence charger and a high-quality tester.  The charger controls the level of the voltage and the power of the shock.  It’s important to invest in a high-quality charger, particularly if your farm is located in an area surrounded by a lot of wildlife.  A strong shock will help to keep harmful predators away from your animals.  The right charger will also help to keep your animals in check so that they don’t attempt to escape despite the shock.

An electric fence tester is also a crucial accessory to your electric fence wire because it will keep you aware of whether the fence is working properly or not.  Many times, electric fences malfunction and the owner is completely unaware of it.  In order to keep your animals safe and secure, you should select a high-quality tester.  A tester is a great tool to help keep the fence working smoothly, however, there is a way to avoid malfunction altogether.

Grounding is of utmost importance when installing an electric fence.  The grounding is crucial because the ground rods work with the charger underground to help deliver the shock.  That means that if proper grounding is not taken into account, then the fence may not work accurately, or the shock will be weaker than it could be with the proper grounding.

Another element to decide on is the material of the fence.  Electric fences come in a variety of materials including galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  The material only slightly affects the performance of the fence, but certain materials work best with certain animals.

Obviously, the most important purpose of an electric fence is to keep your animals safe and your property secure.  When selecting an electric fence, it’s important to select one that’s made of high-quality materials and to choose the appropriate accessories to keep it running smoothly.  While all electric fences may encounter issues due to weather, lightning or the excessive growth of plants, selecting the best quality fence can help to lessen the occurrence of malfunction.


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