Electric Fence Wire and More: How to Build an Electric Fence


If you are looking for a way to keep predators off your farm or a pen to keep your animals in, an electric fence is a great consideration. Many things go into building an electric fence, such as electric wire fencing, a charger, and a tester, among others. And there are many different ways to set your electric fence with different conditions, which will be talked about later.

Electric fences are built so that bare wire is strung between rods that lead the electricity into the ground. These are connected to what is called a power energizer, where the electricity current dissipates from. The power of the shock when touched can be adjusted from a mild shock to a lethal jolt. There are often a lot of restrictions on the level of voltage allowed, and they vary from city to city. Instead of having a high level of voltage, electric fences often have more than one piece of wire stretched across the rods to provide multiple low level jolts. This is typically very effective and used to discourage a variety of animals from either entering the pen or leaving it.

There are many different kinds of electric fence wire to choose from. Farm supply companies offer different varieties of wire, such as copper or aluminum, in different widths and lengths, to fit what you are looking for. The type of wire you choose is dependent on how much electricity will be running through it, and how high your voltage is set.

In addition to the electric wiring, an electric farm fencing charger is also necessary. This is what generates the electric current throughout the fence. You can choose from a solar powered charger, a battery operated charger, or a charger that requires being plugged into an outlet of at least 110 volts. This is usually mounted on the fence in the corner, and is covered by Plexiglass or some other shield to protect it from the weather.

An electric fence tester is also a worthy investment when building an electric fence. This tests the fence lines and the ground/earth connection to ensure the electricity will flow properly throughout the length of the fence.

There are other products that are useful to have when building your fence, but the ones listed above are the main products required. An electric fence is a very useful thing to have when you need to protect or maintain your livestock, and because it is generally not harmful to the animals or life threatening, it provides one of the best solutions to creating a boundary.


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