Electric Dog Fence Sometimes Necessary


Many situations on a farm or a ranch require an electric fence. Sometimes it needs to be set up where there is no source of electricity. That is why a solar electric fence is a smart choice out in the field. You can power it quite easily and never have to pay a bill. While it is sometimes difficult to know what fence to choose, there are plenty of options to fit almost any bill. Controlling your animals is a full-time job, but with the right fence you can manage it.


Animals really do need a little encouragement to stay in the area you have designated for them. The sure way is with a 700-1200V shock, depending on the type of animal. Not surprisingly, goats and sheep require more of a shock than pigs or horses. They are quite stubborn headed. Dogs are supposed to obey when you tell them to sit and especially when you say “Stay!” We know, though, that dogs will get away with whatever they can when your back is turned. So even with your constant companion you might need an electric fence from time to time.


Taking a trip to your neighborhood feed store might not cheer you up when you compare what they offer to the plethora of choices at an online farm supply store. It does not matter what kind of fence you need, whether it be an electric dog fence or an electric fence goat. Your best bet is at an online supply store for farms.

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