Choosing the Right Foam and Fabric to Make a Dog Bed

General Tips

Written by: The Foam Factory Inc.

Dogs provide a great amount of joy and unconditional love to their owners. In turn, dog owners can feel the satisfaction of knowing they’re taking good care of their furry friends by providing healthy food, exercise, and a safe home. Additionally, you can also give your pet a comfortable place to rest and relax by using the right foam and fabric to build the perfect dog bed.

There are several different types of foam to choose from, and you can even make custom cushions for your dog out of shredded foam. If you’d prefer to have a rectangle-shaped dog bed made from a sheet of foam, you can order egg-crate foam in a variety of sizes to suit your canine. Eggcrate is a great economical option and provides enough soft cushioning to alleviate pressure on your resting dog. Because of its shape, egg-crate is also a breathable material which helps your pet to stay cool.

For a more firm material, you could choose either high density foam sheets or solid memory foam. High-density foam maintains its quality even with vigorous use while still offering a lot of comfort. Solid memory foam molds to the contours of your dog, providing pressure-relieving support. This material is more firm than eggcrate, but still very soft. Both of these types of foam beds are recommended for older dogs. They’re also great for dogs with medical issues such as arthritis or those that are recovering from surgery. Each of these options is available in a variety of sizes.

If you find that shredded foam is the right choice for your pet, these beds come in rectangular or circular design. They offer soft and comfortable support and mold to the contours of your pet. You can order bags of shredded foam in Canada to use for making a dog bed yourself, or for refilling a used dog bed. Shredded foam is available in conventional, memory, and charcoal foam.

Once you’ve chosen your foam type, there are several materials to choose from for your dog bed cover. The different fabrics offered are cotton twill, cotton and polyester blend, and suede. The cotton twill and suede covers are available in many different colors, while the cotton and polyester blend comes in one option of gray and white. For all three fabrics, you can choose to only have the non-removable cover, or order an additional zippered cover to complete your perfect dog bed.

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