Cat Grooming And Bonding Tips

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Cat GroomingHave you ever wondered what a cat does besides pooping, sleeping, walking and eating? They usually spend plenty of time licking their paws, tummies and tails, basically grooming themselves. Watching them do it all day long you would think that they are real clean freaks. That’s not the case though and your cat will actually need some help with the cleaning, especially when they grow big. It can’t hurt having him groomed, especially if the hair grew too long.

While for humans, cutting the hair is about vanity and making yourself look better, for cats it also has a number of other benefits. First of all, when you take care of your cat, you can find out what their physical condition is. Get your hands through the coat of the cat and look for any tumors, lumps, bumps, sores, bruises and cuts. Look further through the fur and see if the cat has any pests or fleas on it. Stroking the fur can also make it shiny, since it stimulates the body oils production and blood circulation.

Grooming a cat also makes it feel more comfortable when it’s around you, so it’s another win situation. While in the beginning your cat might reject you, as it might feel like its privacy is invaded, in time it will learn to accept you. She might even try to scratch your face or your arms and that’s usually a pretty good tip on her disposition. In time though, your cat will learn to accept the time you take to groom her and she will even enjoy the time you spend together with her. In time, the cat will become less hostile and a bit more sociable when it’s around you. You can use that time to bond with your cat, and you will both enjoy it.

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