Becoming a Socially Responsible Farmer


The advent of the general use of electricity changed the way the world worked. Everything from safe lighting, home appliances, automobiles and modern entertainment would not have been possible without electricity.

The introduction of electricity a century or so ago also ushered in a new dawn in farming and raising livestock. Equipping farms with an electric fence brought unprecedented convenience in securing your farm not only from external threats but also from stray animals. Keeping intruders out and ensuring that livestock stays where they should be was taken off of the watch of the farmer and the farmhands so they could focus more on ensuring the quality growth of their crops and livestock.

In today’s economic and social landscape, another paradigm shift is brewing. With cost of electricity and fossil fuels skyrocketing and with a good volume of people becoming more conscientious about the health of Mother Earth, alternative energy sources are fast becoming the preferred method when powering our homes and businesses.

The main hindrance as to why alternative energy sources have not become mainstream is the prohibitive costs. Luckily though, the cost of solar power has gone down significantly in the last few years. Coupling that with the fact that energy from the sun is free of charge and 100% clean, the age of clean energy is fast becoming reality. Solar powered electric fencechargers as well as other eco-efficient electric fence supplies are now easily accessible and more importantly, affordable to most farmers and homesteaders.

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