Aspiring to be a dog trainer?


Are you looking for a course in dog training? Do you have a deep love for animals, especially dogs? Do you want to make a career out of something that you really love, and specifically, make a career out od it?

If your answers to the above three questions are all ‘yes’, then it’s time that you understood how satisfying and lucrative this animal career can be.
However, if one must look at this career from the job perspective, not only can one make about $ 20 an hour, as opposed to the $ 8.5o to $ 12.50 an hour in taking a part time job but cal also choose to pursue the profession of a full time dog trainer after completing an education at a dog training school.

In choosing an education, as always, it demands that the student be cognizant of the factors that a school’s curriculum must be robust while the animal training philosophy must be sound and have a proven track record.

To put it succinctly, the curriculum should teach its student to help both the animal and its owner to build a healthy relationship, using the least aversive method in each and every case.

This is not to say that discipline in training is not important, but as in most cases, positive reinforcement has been known to work, and perhaps that is what you need to look for in any curriculum in order to pursue a career in animal training.

So, are you ready to equip yourself to train dogs?

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