A Breakdown on Why Pitbulls Have Such a Bad Rap


When you hear pit bull, what are the first characteristics that come to your mind? Aggressive? Violent? Maybe even misunderstood. The truth of the matter is, these dogs have developed a bad rap about them – even to the point where certain communities are looking into banning pitbull breeding. They’ve often been at the center of controversy, but they also suffer from a lot of misconception as well.

Owners Play a Large Role

Rather than placing the blame purely on the pitbulls themselves, consider the fact that there are a skyrocketing number of poorly bred and trained dogs that are raised by owners that neglect them. Any dog that’s improperly trained can be a force to be reckoned with – and that goes for pitbulls too.

In the mid- to late-80s, dog fighting was relatively common in certain areas and was seen as a respected sport – despite it being illegal. The dog of choice? None other than pitbulls. Historically speaking, Americans have gone through a constant love-hate struggle with pitbulls.

Common Misconceptions

Contrary to popular opinion, all pitbulls aren’t violent in nature. For instance, blue nose pitbulls are known for their friendliness and loyalty. Again, due to their violent history in blood sports, many unjustifiably condemn them – which is completely unwarranted. Dog fighting rinks today are being shut down and animal cruelty laws are ensuring that pitbulls aren’t going through the same fate as their ancestors, and are instead being bred to become household companions.

Every pitbull is different, just as every dog is different. It’s easy to target pitbulls due to their historical background, but that’s essentially just a stereotype. Who says pitbulls and cats can’t coexist? A pitbull that was rescued from Michael Vick’s former dog fighting rink currently lives in the same home as a cat. It literally depends on the dog.

The same goes when it comes to training. Every dog requires mental stimulation, physical activity, and proper training to act accordingly. Pitbulls are no different. Studies have proven that pitbulls excel in agile-based activities, search-and-rescue, and even tracking. Additionally, there isn’t enough comprehensive data to conclude that pitbulls are responsible for a majority of dog-related fatalities that occur today.

The Bottom Line

Pitbulls are beautiful dogs that require love, support, and training to bring out the best in them. While they continue to be seen as hostile by numerous communities, the truth is they’re just like any other dog.  Before adopting a pitbull, be sure that you do the proper research to ensure that it will fit your family’s lifestyle.
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